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Mini WE Day

Mini We Day is a more local version of ME to WE's annual WE Day. Elementary and high school students from around Greater Vancouver are invited to join us for a day of celebration and inspiration for another year of immeasurable social change. Speakers from local organizations, WE Charity and UBC all come together to inspire youth to act and, in turn, end youth apathy. In addition to speakers, musicians, dancers, spoken word poets and many more performers share their passion for change on our WE stage. WE hope you join us this year as WE celebrate and renew our dedication to making a difference!

Mini WE Day 2017

Mini WE Day 2017 Location: TBD

Mini WE Day 2017 Date: TBA

EDC - Evolution Dance Competeition

We held our first annual EDC - Evolution Dance Competition in April 2015, in collaboration with PartyWell. The event was held in the UBC Nest and was a smashing success. The night was full of non-stop dancing, as the DJ took the attendees through the evolution of modern music through the decades. We handed out over 20 team and individual prizes including: a three-night stay in a hotel in Downtown Vancouver, group paintballing, group go-karting, and more! We can't wait to see you all this year!

Take a look at our last years' Facebook Page for more information!

Endurance Dance Competition 2017: Location TBA

Endurance Dance Competition 2017: Date TBA


Vow of Silence

Up for a challenge? Try being silent for 24 hours! (No talk, no text... think you can handle it?) Let your silence be the voice for thousands of children across the world that need your support. In January, students across UBC will go silent for 24 hours. Join us in this movement where WE go silent for those who have no voice. This event is our biggest event of the year and last year WE raised over $7500. WE are up for the challenge this year and know WE can do it with your support!

Take a look at our last years' Facebook Page for more information.

Vow of Silence 2016-17: Location TBA

Pledges start in December and go on over winter break until the end of January. After WE go silent for 24 hours, we will have our annual BREAK THE VOW event!

Fundraising Progress

FTC's Annual Fundraiser

Raised: 0

Goal: 10000

This is Free the Children's main fundraiser. Help support us by coming out to our events! Join us to make a tangible difference.