Who Are WE?

WE are the UBC Chapter of the International WE Organization


Really, who are WE?

WE are a group of UBC students dedicated to sustainable change

UBC FTC is made up of UBC undergraduate students. We are an AMS recognized club and have been since 2012. We are constantly looking for people like you to volunteer and get more involved! Find out more about our team and the people you could be best friends with if you join us!

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WE Believe in the Power of WE

WE aspire to end youth apathy and in turn end the cycle of poverty

UBC FTC operates on a single mantra: WE together stand stronger than ME apart. We aim to encourage youth philanthropy on campus, but beyond that, we hope to promote the mindset that we all must work as one to create a lasting impact. We can only imagine the positive change that could occur if WE fight as a whole. Click below to find out what we do to help end youth apathy, and in turn, the cycle of poverty!
"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." - Mahatma Ghandi

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What Do WE Hope to Accomplish?

We hope to end the cycle of poverty using a five pillar system to create sustainable change

UBC Free the Children works to raise funds to support WE Charity in their journey to break the cycle of poverty through a sustainable five pillar system. WE Charity works with five different pillars: education, clean water, health, food and opportunity. Each year we choose to support one of WE Charity's eight countries (Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Rural China, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and India) and raise money for one of the five pillars. In the past we have supported clean water projects in Kenya, Job Opportunity and Education in Nicaragua and last year we supported all five pillars for India. To learn more about WE Charity, click bellow!

WE Charity Website